Stop delivering items to quarantine centre patients, kin advised

Those with pink wristbands and close contacts of Covid-19 positive cases have been advised to shun conveying individual things to relatives at the Integrated Quarantine and Treatment Center (PKRC) 2.0 at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS).

Social government assistance office (JKM) official Ramacantiran M Ananthan said it was flippant of closest relative to turn up at the isolate focus as they would open work force there to extra dangers.

He said work force getting the things at the security corner were not wearing individual defensive gear (PPE) and along these lines were inclined to getting contaminated by the guests.

“We comprehend the circumstance of the closest relative, who desire to make their relatives agreeable by giving fundamental things.

“In any case, they need to think about the 1,300 faculty at the PKRC MAEPS 2.0 who are presented to chances in dealing with the requirements of their relatives. Try not to add to our dangers here,” he said today.

Saying everybody has a task to carry out in checking the spread of Covid-19, Ramacantiran said guests ought to be more circumspect to frontliners as they also need to shield their own relatives from the infection.

He said conveyances of individual things to patients at the middle had expanded exorbitantly to in excess of 300 sacks day by day.

“The patients will be treated at PKRC MAEPS 2.0 for a limit of 10 days however the things sent can last them a month. Some send food and garments in larger than usual sacks,” he said.

Ramacantiran said government assistance office staff were presently burdened with the undertaking of getting and conveying the things to patients as this was recently taken care of by the police.

In any case, he said the faculty were presenting with cheerful moods despite the fact that they were presented to hazards as they needed to enter the yellow zone to give up these things.

To beat blockage at the conveyance stall and lessen the danger of diseases, the middle presently permits just three kinds of merchandise to be shipped off patients.

The passable things are medication, milk and diapers, with the conveyance time frame from 8am to 3pm. Guests are not permitted during mid-day break, from 1pm to 2pm.

In any case, conveyances of garments to patients might be permitted in specific cases, particularly if the patients had recently been moved from a clinic or a Covid-19 appraisal place.

In the mean time, the general population are asked to get the most recent data on the tasks of PKRC MAEPS 2.0 from its site.

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