Malaysian-born woman’s nasi lemak a hit in the Netherlands

“Kan ik nasi lemak met kip rendang bestellen?” (“Can I arrange ayam rendang nasi lemak?”)

This is frequently the message gotten in Dutch by Malaysian-conceived Solehan Manger-Ramli through WhatsApp from customers in Amsterdam, Netherlands, since 2017.

Solehan, who moved to Rumpt in the wake of wedding a resident of the Netherlands, at first cooked nasi lemak as an interest for companions.

Presently, the 44-year-old cooks nasi lemak on a limited scale at home available to be purchased through WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

She was energized when Malaysians dwelling in the Netherlands commended her delectable nasi lemak to resemble the ones sold back home.

Local people in Amsterdam likewise came to think about the mainstream Malaysian food through web-based media.

“For the most part, they know me and that the nasi lemak is ready by a Malaysian. Malaysians, including understudies here, have given me the monicker ‘Kak Ann Ayam Rendang Nasi Lemak’,” she said.

Reviewing the underlying days when she wandered into the nasi lemak business, the Penang-conceived mother of two told Bernama through WhatsApp that it began after numerous Malaysian companions requested that she get ready mainstream Malaysian dishes, particularly nasi lemak, for them.

They longed for nasi lemak as they had not returned to Malaysia for quite a while, she said.

Holding fast to the saying, “no agony no addition”, Solehan ventured out to transform her diversion into a business, utilizing online media applications to advance her ayam rendang nasi lemak.

She additionally takes demands for different dishes, for example, laksa and different kinds of Malaysian conventional kueh also.

I regularly have my hands full in gathering the appointments. In any case, this is my type of revenue and I attempt to oblige their solicitations,” she said.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic moved through the Netherlands, she used to welcome visitors to her home to evaluate her new menus.

As indicated by Solehan, the reaction from neighborhood clients in the town close by had gotten after the Covid-19 danger died down in the Netherlands, with orders from Malaysians, including understudies, taking off.

Solehan said an ordinary nasi lemak set expense RM30 while the ayam rendang nasi lemak set was estimated at RM40.

“Such rates are ordinary here in Europe and clients comprehend the trouble in getting the genuine fixings from Malaysia.

“I guarantee the costs are comparable to the taste and quality since I need to ensure that the clients are fulfilled and guarantee they make rehash buys,” she said.

Solehan conveys the orders to the customer when the nasi lemak is ready as per the amount requested. A few clients get their orders from her home.

She said it was mandatory for brokers in the Netherlands to enroll and have a permit, in any event, for a private venture. Neatness was constantly stressed.

Solehan, who likewise harbors a craving to open a Malaysian food café here, gets good help from her significant other, Jan-Willem Manger.

Being conversant in Dutch, he assumed a significant part in getting local people to attempt Malaysian food.

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