Autosofted Release: Auto Clicker & Auto Keyboard Presser

Autosofted, a team of software specialists, announces a more convenient way to perform repetitive tasks on the computer. Through intensive research and cevelopment, the team introduces the easy to use Mouse, Click Recorders and Hotkey/Keyboard Automated Programs that users can access for free.

“The reason that all our software is free is because we believe all software should be made available for public download; this is an open internet after all,” said the Autosofted team. “We also believe if users are happy with our software, then they would be willing to donate.”

Detailed at, the automation software release includes the Autosofted Mouse Recorder 1.0. The mouse Auto Clicker, the team’s first working auto scripted program, records mouse movement and mouse clicks on the screen. After recording the movements, users can playback the recording continuously and will never have to touch the mouse again.

On the other hand, the Autosofted Auto Keyboard Presser 1.0 is an auto-keyboard button pressing program that is best paired with the Auto Mouse Program since to eliminate excessive use of both the keyboard and the mouse. Essentially, the Auto Keyboard Presser allows users to record the keys or buttons that they press on the keyboard and playback those recorded presses. Users can also control the time between each button press, as well as the number of times they want to program to play out their button presses.

Newer versions for both – the Auto Mouse Clicker 1.4 and the Auto Keyboard Presser 1.1 – have been released to fix a few bugs. Now, both programs will no longer crash, freeze or stop functioning.

The latest among the programs offered by Autosofted is the Auto Typer 1.0. Completed in April 2014, the program is currently undergoing extensive testing. It is free, just like all of the other software from the company. is also currently conducting program revisions to fix any existing bugs or glitches. The team of automation software specialists is also working to make their programs more user-friendly because every end-user will want their online computer tool simple and straightforward to use. welcomes user feedback and new ideas for their future programs.

To find out more about the automation software designed to make life easier when doing tedious tasks on the computer, please visit Autosofted and get free access to the program from Autosofted.

About Autosofted:

Autosofted provides free resources for tasks that can be computer automated. The programs include auto mouse clicker and recorder and auto hotkey keyboard presser, among others, offered for free in an aim to help people save people time and effort in doing repetitive online tasks.

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